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Active and Cereal Kendama

During our rebrand, we unfortunately had to part ways with both Active Kendamas and Cereal Kendamas. It's all love though! We still support one another, and we still stand behind both brands' products. If you came here looking for one of their kendamas, the links below might be helpful for you:

Weight Matching

Here at Highball, we do our best to make sure your kendamas come weight matched - or at least, respectably close. As players ourselves, we understand what it's like to receive a perfectly weight matched set up in the mail! That being said, we ask you guys to keep in mind we are a smaller company, therefore weight matching can be hard with limited stock.

All kendamas come as close as we can get them, and we gaurantee 9 grams or less difference between the two pieces. Hopefully that gets you close enough - thank you for understanding!

Returns and Refunds

Sales made on our website are final. Due to limited quantities, making all sales final allows us to keep better track of inventory. We also back everything we sell - and therefore we're confident you'll be satisfied with whatever you purchase from us!

If you happen to receive a somehow defective product, however, please contact us as soon as possible - we'll be happy to replace it! If it's a kendama, please keep it unplayed as it's the only way to truly identify the setup arrived damaged! If we happen to be out of stock on the item in question, we'll happily supply you with an alternative product or credit.

Payment Methods


We ship using CanadaPost. We charge flat rate shipping on all orders.

Prices are set in CAD. We have shipping options for Canada and the US - however, if you have an international order to ship, we can gladly help you out with that! You can contact us via Instagram or email to arrange a custom shipping package.

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